Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Worldwide Photo Walk photos

I'm still a very amateur photographer but I can see the improvement and the difference from photos that I have taken in the past. Slowly I'm starting to get comfortable with the camera and I am using the manual settings more and more.

I took literally hundreds of photos during the Worldwide Photo Walk. I have managed to limit myself to my top 10 favorites here and of these I can submit two (in their larger quality) to the Photo Walk website. I'm pretty sure which two I will be submitting but I'm curious to know which you would choose?

I'm a little bummed I got my shadow in this one and I think I would kneel down lower if I took it again (or rather when I take it again because I can't wait to show that beach to the kids).

Playing with water. Every shot was different and had new surprises.

Small reminders of those that have come before us.

We played hide and seek for 10 or 15 minutes. Other photographers started wondering what I was looking at in the top of a log.


  1. Beautiful photos! I absolutely LOVE the last one! :)

  2. #3 and #5 - hands down

    perfect shots.

    I also love #7

  3. I love the flower shot...but they're all great!

  4. They are all just amazing!!!! Well done... I am very impressed and hope that if ...if ...if I can make it to Blog Camp we can go back there!

  5. these are amazing...
    I passed on our city photowalk...not great weather and honestly I didn't want to be downtown on my own afterwards at 9pm walking back to my car....I'm such a weenie !

  6. I love Pebbles. I also like Tighten, but it needs a bit more depth in the focus. I'd go with Tracks as the second one since it has very unique.

  7. Number 5 for me, wonderful! One of the small things I've picked up in my photographic journey is that things nearly always look better if you take a lower or higher vantage point to shoot from. So crouch, kneel, lie on the floor or get up on a chair, small hill, ladder etc! This is especially true with flowers which can look a bit odd unless you shoot at their level, ie don't shoot 'down' on them.

    I love the 'tracks' one too!

  8. oh they're all wonderful...i couldn't possibly pick just two!


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