Thursday, July 16, 2009

Secret 9: Did you get a good look? Need another?

All of my sisters are pretty crafty. Some of them can sew, some can draw, paint, refinish a table, etc. When I was in middle school, 7th grade I think, my sister Middle-Middle made clothes for my younger sister and I. She made pants and shorts and a few other things. Unfortunately, the seams on the pants didn't hold together real well and the back seam on the shorts tore open when I sat down on the couch. I changed and left them in the back of the closet so I could fix them later.

Fast forward about 6 months. I woke up one morning to realize my alarm had not gone off. The school bus was going to be there in less than 5 minutes and I had a VERY long driveway. If I were to miss the bus the school is about 10 miles away down a busy highway so walking to school was out. I HAD to catch that bus. I threw on some clothes, grabbed my backpack and shoes and started running. Hair combing and putting on shoes could be done on the bus and I needed to hurry.

I got there just in time! I got onto the bus and headed to the back to sit down and catch my breath. The bus driver looked in her rear view and called me back up to the front of the bus. She had me lean over and whispered in my ear that my pants were torn in the back. In my hurry I had grabbed the torn purple shorts from the closet and forgotten about the rip. WHY she bothered to whisper I will NEVER know. As I had walked to the back she had seen the shorts and, I can only assume, wanted to be discrete in telling me but (or butt?) when she had me walk back to the front of the bus to tell me the rest of the bus saw what only she had thus far. I went to a little school where K-12 all went and we only had 4 buses total for all grades. So 1/4 of the student population across 6 towns saw my underwear...

Luckily I had my gym shorts in my backpack and could put them on over the other shorts. Between those and my red face I was able to cover up.


  1. oh man....that's awful - glad you had your gym shorts with you

  2. Criiiiiinge. Bless won't ever, ever forget this will you?

    No photos? Mwha ha ha x


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