Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Secret 15: It's not MY spit in your food, it's YOURS

I love pudding, especially Tapioca. Some people have told me that it looks like fish eggs in the pudding and they wouldn't touch it (so in elementary school I got extra helpings because I helped by pointing this out). Pistachio pudding is also quite awesome. It's green and fun and it has nuts in it. Very festive. It's another that many people also don't seem to like, for which I am grateful!

Bread pudding however... Not gonna happen. I KNOW where that's been and it's not good. I used to work for a buffet place in Oregon. Most of what they serve I am totally happy with and I personally love to eat there. But I know that as the cinnamon rolls get hard on the buffet they are replaced with fresh gooey ones. The old ones, those that have probably been handled by small children with questionable hygiene and then PUT BACK because they want a different roll, are put in plastic tubs and kept. Yeah, the old rolls are re-used. At the end of the night other ingredients are added to soften them back up and add taste and then the whole thing is made into bread pudding. Now, in theory, if a child were to have touched the rolls (and trust me, they did.) then the oven should kill anything extra that made it in to the mix. But I'm still not going anywhere near it.

**The image is from here and to be fair, it's okay if you made the rolls and the bread pudding because you know where it came from and where it's been since then. This particular pudding looks delicious. It's simply that by association, um, no.


  1. Oh, come on you big sissy. It's just pee, feces, various germs, and saliva. Your immune system needs something to do once in a while anyway.


    I'm not going anywhere near bread pudding anymore.

  2. and that's why I hate buffets.

  3. Ditto Char! I loathe them! People sneezing and coughing and just ickiness all around my food. No thanks. I never really liked bread pudding anyway tho so this didn't harm me much ;)


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