Monday, July 27, 2009

Secret 14: I'm not glamorous

Okay that's probably not a HUGE secret but there's more. I'm quite content with $5 KEDS knock-offs and only bought a pair of skechers because people at work teased me too much and anyway the more expensive shoes fall apart just as quickly for me. I do have one nice pair of sandals and I love them very much but they are an exception. I wear makeup only for special occasions or if I'm having a bad day so that I may feel better. My hair is very straight all by itself so sometimes I run my hands through and don't comb it. I wear skirts a lot but only bother with nylons if the temperature nears freezing. The most I've ever spent on shoes is $35, jeans $40, and I think them both expensive. Oh yes, and my couch always has cat hair because I own 3 long-haired kitties and haven't found a magic cleaning trick for that just yet.


  1. I'm not glamourous either - let's band together

  2. Lint rollers. You can go through a lot of the little sheets, and it's probably not worth it, but lint rollers work great to remove kitty hair. They usually sell a big four pack at Costco.

  3. LOL I have one black dog that gets hair all over all my light colored clothes and one white dog that gets hair all over my dark clothes, so pretty much I'm always covered in dog hair. I say just deal with it!


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