Saturday, July 25, 2009

Secret 13: Wrong finger

I played softball when I was younger (middle school age) and learned how to pitch a softball with a grip like the picture above. This grip became so natural to me that when I went bowling I automatically used the middle and index fingers (not the ring finger) to hold the ball. Now, many years later, I still hold a bowling ball this way. Many people have tried to correct me and I myself have tried to stop doing it but the "correct" way kind of hurts my wrist and I bowl a really bad game. Which is not to say that I am otherwise good at bowling (top score ever was 145) but if I use the traditional fingers it's extra bad. So I chalk it up to a personal quirk and leave it at that.

**Update: I had to fix this post because I, being a wee bit tired, said I used the middle and ring (which is correct) when I actually use the middle and index. Oops. So all is fixed (though Lee is probably still correct in calling me a freak).


  1. i like that you go your own way

  2. that's funny. that the softball stance went over to bowling too. :-) how do you hold the Wii-mote when you bowl on the Wii? (i injured myself bowling on the Wii and have given it up...) :-)

  3. Hi! Julochka referred me to you for Blog Camp 2.1 in RENO.....are you the hostess? I think I might like to join you....I live in sacramento (roseville) and it would be a short trip for me to come to blog camp....are you full?

  4. From the bowling expert; "middle and ring fingers (not the index finger)" is actually the CORRECT way to hold a bowling ball. Index finger CURLED, however, is not... freak. For the record though, I often curl my pinky which is also a no-no.
    - Lee*
    AKA "little-little"
    AKA "bowling goddess"

  5. I actually grip the Wii-mote "wrong" too. Heehee, I hadn't even noticed that.


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