Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life By Mom's Rules: A Survival Guide

Life By Mom's Rules: A Survival Guide

Save the best for last.

With 6 children in the house a bag of miniature candy bars didn't last long while I was growing up. One day, maybe two day at the outside. My parents would remember they'd bought them just in time to not get any. So my mother got a little sneaky. Knowing that we didn't like the dark chocolate she would start with the others. Goodbars, Krackles, and plain Hersheys first. This way she got to enjoy candy with us and still have some left over to enjoy leisurely at the end: guaranteed untouched Special Darks. Unfortunately this doesn't work for me as my little girly loves Special Dark the best but I'll never forget the lesson to savor everything for as long as you can.

Other gems from my childhood.

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  1. :) when I was a girl they didn't have the darks in the mix - all it included was herseys, krackle and goodbar. I still love the plain best of all


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