Thursday, July 9, 2009


I have many memories of the family campground in central Oregon. We spent time there every summer with campfires and smores and hiking and making Aebleskiver (Danish pancakes, mmm) on the camp stove. I live a lot further away now but I hope to see it again this year. Only my oldest has ever been there and he was too young to remember. I want them to have these memories.

My pictures here are not great. This was my very first digital camera and I had only owned it for about 6 months. Needing new pictures is another good reason for me to go back there, though. As a very small child we spent most of our time across the river at the single cabin there, now long out of use. The main campground is the prefered part of our land to camp on for most of the extended family but I find a charm in the more beaten down cabin across the way. Stray hikers and kayakers from the campground up the river have thought it abandoned (it's not) and have stolen boards from it to fuel their campfires. Most squatters are at least respectful of the land and clean up after themselves but there are those few...

The views are amazing here and you can sit right along the river while you eat breakfast.

It was prettier when it was new (I was young enough to not remember this. I believe my mother took the last 2 photos) but it didn't have its charm yet.


  1. Okay. This might come off mean, but it's not meant that way. It's meant to be funny. Or possibly weird.

    Æbleskiver are supposed to be round (from your pic I can see that they even kinda are). so calling them pancakes is setting the bar really low, meaning that then even I can make them... And that's not good for the Viking reputation... If you know what I mean.

  2. I wish I love camping but I have to have an inside bathroom. LOL

    very wonderful memories

  3. Ext - I always burn the first batch and a knuckle or two while I'm at it.

    Char - We had a bathroom made of PVC pipe, a wooden box and a shovel. But it had a toilet seat and toilet paper so it was just like home! Sorta...

  4. your header photo is ADORABLE!!

  5. Um. PVC pipe toilet is just like home? I know the toilets the builder installed are bad, but PVC pipe and shovel? Wow, I really need to work on these bathrooms...

  6. Wow, that looks like a gorgeous place! We're also big campers, I was taken out 'into the wild' for the first time at 6 weeks old, and we're so enjoying camping with our daughter now. I think there's nothing better. Nothing. Good times ...


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