Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Little Love

I got in a bit of a creative mood this week and here's what I have to show for it so far:

Felt owls. Since the owls are actually attached to the front of the frames I can trade the background fabric out all year round. For now a spot of pink for Valentines seemed appropriate (while keeping it a little subtle because I don't want to go too overboard on hearts around here).

And the silhouette machine was just begging to be played with so I chopped up some wood to make holiday blocks. I figure after valentine's day is over I can use the backside to put together some Patty's day love.

I also have a puzzle bookcase assembled in the garage and awaiting paint and I'm tinkering with ideas for a murphy bed again. Also, since Joe decided that he is "too big" for little boy rooms (and "little kid" everything, really) I have him helping to pick out something suitable for an almost 10 year old. He is really digging navy blue for the walls but he keeps waffling to orange and back again so I guess we'll see. Should be fun!