Thursday, July 9, 2009

Secret 2: My boy and the barbies

When my daughter turned 2 her grandma gave her a barbie for her birthday. It was almost scandalous that she didn't have one yet because a girl needs a barbie and as a mother I had been failing her. And my little Erin, my dear sweet baby... It scared the CRAP out of her. She wouldn't touch it and if it was placed anywhere near her for the next 6 months she would CRY!! This doll that looked like a person must surely come alive at night and chase little girls somewhat like Chucky and we all know how that went. So barbie was abandoned to the toy box until Erin could grow out of that one...

Until about 2 days later when I found my son playing with her. (For his own mental well-being as he gets older I won't say which son as I wouldn't want him teased. I'm not cruel.) My son LOVED to play with barbie. He would carry her around the house and take her in the car. Some friends were horrified that I was allowing my son to play with a doll, especially a barbie, and Dear FSM, what would this mean as he got older!?! To this I simply answered that I played with Tonka trucks and worms and I'm mostly a well adjusted female, albeit one who loves using tools. Gasp!

Now both of my boys prefer action figures and swords so that obviously went away and Erin now has a dollhouse with lots of barbies in a box beside it. But, yes, I'm the mother who let my son have barbies.


  1. it probably means he already has a healthy appreciation for the female form? LOL

    good for you

  2. I only have girls so I can't really comment. My sister has a son who people always tease will be batting for the "other team" (he's just a little boy tho) but at church one day a gay man came up to her while the child was carrying around her purse and told my sister not to worry about him because the purse didn't match his shoes so he can't be gay!
    My point is that girls play with tools and boys carry their moms purses. No biggie, ya know?

  3. Good for you for letting your son play with dolls! So funny that your daughter was scared of her! I do understand, though!

  4. Fantastic! Both my boys (age 3 and 2) adore dolls, they both have their own ones (baby dolls, admittedly dressed in blue) and a toy stroller. My Dad was all 'oh oh, no this isn't right' etc. But as I said to him, "Well, my boys are learning to care for and cherish babies, to feed them, walk them around...just like they will need to as adult males if they have children. Where's the issue?". They also have a huge toy kitchen which they adore, packed with tea sets, toy food, pots etc. I have no issue with this at all! It's just like real life!!

    Fab photo, really retro. xx

  5. eventually he'll be cutting up the barbie, so i wouldn't worry. ;-)


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