Monday, July 6, 2009

More painting!

My house painting continues...

I can now say that ONE room is done as I finished the kitchen last night. Whew! Though, to be fair, I think it counts as 3 rooms since it includes the kitchen, dining, and family areas. What do you think?

The colors aren't quite coming out right in the pictures (the green you see on the kitchen bar is actually the color of all the green) and the kitchen yellow actually looks more like the dining room picture's yellow. But, it's pretty close. Here's a link to the before pictures.

Kitchen/bar area, mostly tidied up. I hope it's clear but the side walls and bar are green and the back wall in the kitchen is yellow (since the picture kind of makes one green wall on the left look very yellow, too).

Family room as seen from the kitchen. I really do need tie backs for the curtains but making a knot with them seems to work for now.

Dining room with a print of my mother's Joshua Tree National Park picture to add some oranges and reds. Suggestions on a tablecloth color?


  1. Nice work! Love the colors!

  2. Add some red...and yellows... dang girl it looks the exact same color as my house... Valspar, Garden Path. I adore it!!!!!!!!
    Tell me what you're using????? hubby is a paint geek (that's his business) so I need to know before I go nuts!!!! and how do you finish stuff... we've been here 4 1/2 years and NOT ONE project is complete!!!!!!!

  3. OK missy I have posted something for you..go see... .now I look I think yours is more green but like I said mine looks different depending on the time of day!


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