Friday, July 10, 2009

Secret 3: I don't eat condiments

I don't eat condiments. This includes Ketchup, mayo, mustard, salad dressing, ranch on anything, relish, etc. I do like a lot of asian sauces (soy sauce, teriyaki, kung pao) and I love enchilada sauce but you usually don't put those on a hamburger. ?!?!?... I just had a lightbulb moment. An enchilada burger actually might be pretty good...

Anyway, to get back on topic: when I was a little kid I didn't like any of these sauces because they smelled funny and tasted about the same. I tried them and was NOT interested. McDonalds didn't have a 'plain' option when I was little and I think my parents got a little tired of explaining it. Around that time Burger King capitalized on it and came out with their slogan 'Have it Your Way'. So my mother put a bumper sticker on the refrigerator that said "This is NOT Burger King and You Can't Have It Your Way!".

As an adult I figure that some of my tastes have changed and I might be able to like some condiments now. But I would probably have to try it a few times since they are an acquired taste. However, I also think that they aren't good for me anyway so do I really want to add one more thing that is unhealthy to my diet? Not so much. My children like some of these things (ketchup, ranch, and mustard) and so I keep them in the fridge (no need to put my hang up on them I guess) but when I go to In-N-Out or McDs I order my burger plain and the cashier raises an eyebrow and says "Just meat, cheese, and bun?". Yup, that's me!


  1. :) I order my burgers the same way - but it's just because if I order ketchup only (I can't stand mustard or raw onion), they think that they have to glop it on. I'm not big on sauces of any kind - well, let me rephrase that - I don't like a lot of sauce, just a dab will do me. I want to taste what I'm eating and not the sauce.

  2. LOL...I am the same! I only like ketchup on hot dogs. Mayo is totally gross as is any white dressing and don't even get me started on tartar so gross! I do remember going to McDonald's and having to wait forever to get my "special" burger...drove my Mom nuts!

  3. I'm the same too! I always tell people I'm not saucy and that gets them over the idea of my plain food. I like my BBQ dry-rubbed too, that took a while for my very saucy husband to get over. My downfall is ranch tho, I'll eat ranch on just about anything...

  4. hmmm interesting, but understandable!

  5. I remember that sign on the fridge. Your mom still had it then.


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