Monday, June 15, 2009

Window locks are a MUST have!

Tigger is supposed to get out of the hospital today and I think it's important to remind anyone with a second floor (or higher) window that has children that window locks are a MUST HAVE. They're cheap and quick to install and they may very well save your kids' lives. Our local hardware store sells them $2.60 for two. All you have to do is make sure that the lock is placed so the window can't open more than the size of the smallest child's head. Even if you don't have kids yourself but kids come over to your house (or you have pets, even) then you need to install them. Trust me, a fall is terrifying for everyone and even if the child is miraculously okay the fall can still traumatize not only them but siblings and other family members. Spend the $10-20 and 30 minutes and protect your loved ones!


  1. Glad everyone is okay!
    maybe I should install these... for me? I probably should.

  2. whew...glad everyone is ok

  3. I've always thought that having window locks for me was a good idea too!

    Tigger has gone home with his sister and is thrilled to be in the world of solid (and non hospital) food!

  4. Great reminder. My kids are teens but several of my friends have younger tots. I never think about child safety anymore, but now I will. Thanks.

  5. So glad to hear that Tigger is ok. I do like a happy ending :)

  6. i agree. and high walled balconies!


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