Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lost and found

Dear Sister,

I found your cat last night.


PS. Your cat was lost.

On Monday night we realized that our loud little kitty (given to me by my sister, middle-middle, a few years ago) had not made an appearance in the last 24 hours. We thought she might have gotten outside but she is a serious homebody. If she is on the front step sunning herself and you go NEAR the door she will dart back in. But last night I still hadn't found her under a couch or meowing from a closet so I started canvasing the neighborhood. It turns out that a very kind neighbor on the next street up has been feeding her because he knew she must have a family since she was so fat well-loved looking. The poor spoiled kitty is so used to being inside that, still being outside by his trash cans, she looked pretty miserable. Our happy little reunion consisted of her tucking into my arm and purring to say she missed me too.


  1. 'Big-Little' was a cat I used to have! Her real name was Noonie, but we called her big-little.

  2. i am so glad you found her!!! and i have two (fat) well-loved cats. i think one is nearly double the size of yours (about 18 lbs or so!


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