Monday, June 29, 2009

Like herding cats

On Saturday we headed to the zoo in Sacramento. There was quite a lot of staring going on at our troop and I wonder if someone thought this was another group of multiples (and then some). We were kind of a traveling zoo all on our own and let me just say that getting 7 kids (ages 3, 5, almost 3, 6, 6, almost 6, and 8) to go in one direction is like herding cats. Good luck with that! If people think that this was crazy they should see it when my other 4 nieces and nephews are with them. Teehee!

Outside the zoo we met Sparky the Fire Dept Dog and tried to get another group picture but one poor little man was having none of that. The only reason he was even that close is that he was strapped into the stroller and couldn't run away screaming. I'm thinking he wouldn't be a fan of the circus either.

Another random fact from our day? I have discovered that potty training is not like riding a bike. Once you're done you will have to learn it all over the next time. Note to self: Just because the pee is going under the level of the seat does NOT mean it will stay in the potty. Remember that there is a gap between the seat and the actual toilet and watch out for your shoes.

My favorite part of the day? In the car on the way home Joe fell asleep for a while and managed to grind gum into the hair on the back of his head. We asked him if he still had his gum (not knowing whose it was, exactly) and he said no. I asked him if he swallowed it. "Yes... Wait!... Did I grow gum hair!?!"


  1. LOL gum hair....oh for the jar of peanut butter to fix that.

    sounds like an exhausting day

  2. How cute and how brave of you... and yes just cos you did anything once with a child doesn't mean it's set in stone.... it's always different!! Love the Gum story!!


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