Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Separate but the same

My little sister and I are 15 months apart, yet I would swear we were twins by how connected we are. Sometimes when I call her she answers the phone by yelling "Stop that!" because she was just putting her hand on her phone to call me at that moment and when it started ringing I scared the crap out of her. Yesterday she came home with the fixings to make lasagna but I had just put one in the oven even though neither of us mentioned to the other a desire to make it (and I haven't made one in over a year). Today we are wearing almost identical shirts. They are a different color but the same style and, again, I haven't worn this in quite a while.
Oh, I know! Perhaps we were the same person in a past life? Hmm, yeah, that might be tricky to work out...


  1. my sister and i are 19 months apart, but everyone (apart from family of course) to this day always asks if we are twins. we dont look much the same (but others seem to think we do) but we sound the same and have the same laugh. yet, we are very different in terms of personality.

  2. My sis is 5 years older than me and everyone things we're twins (good for her, bad for me?) and even my kids will say "oh my god that was so Aunt Barb!" Crazy...

  3. Oh this is lovely! My boys are, erm, 16mths apart. The first year of having 2 was really hard going. I hated it actually, my second son is very demanding and need holding day and night for months and months. We were exhausted, he was so clingy and so needy, and our first son was still a baby himself. But now (they are 2 and 3) it's delightful. They are so close, and play so nicely - I'm so proud of them and their relationship. Recently they spent a few days apart for the first time and they both constantly asked for each other.


  4. Such a great little post! I so wish I had a sister. My kiddos are 18 months apart, but with a boy and a girl, they probably won't ever have that closeness of sisterhood.


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