Sunday, June 21, 2009

Each an individual

I have 3 children and they're all SO different. Every development was reached at different times and in different ways. If one child was at an extreme, one was at the other extreme with one going right up the middle. Joe had 8 teeth by his first birthday, Erin had two, Glenn had four. Joe crawled on all fours. Glenn crawled like he was rowing (arms straight out, push up on hands and move forward while dragging feet). Erin pushed with her feet and just let her face run along the floor. Or she would roll wherever she was going. Joe had a full head of hair by a year, Glenn by a year and a half, and Erin didn't have hardly any until she was 3. But, I think one of the best displays of their differences was in the approach to their first birthday cakes

Joe licked but was afraid to touch with his hands:

Glenn was all about the handfuls:

Erin was dainty and used one finger at a time:


  1. That is SO adorable... And so them!

  2. so sweet and adorable - each making their own way

  3. how fabulous that you have documented this sooooo well....
    I'm not sure I could even find the photos of my kids first birthdays...I know, bad of me....but that's what happens by the time they are 17 and 21 and you've moved 13 times....

  4. These are such sweet photos! It always amaze me that my two little nieces already have such strong personalities and they are not even 1 yet!

  5. it seems it's been said before, but it's the first word that popped into my head, so i must say it again. adorable! i am always SO curious as to what's going on in those little brains of theirs! how they process all those new experiences. and aren't you brave - chocolate and pink frosting!

  6. Yeah, it turns out that chocolate isn't so bad but pink and red frosting really aren't a good idea... Stains hands, faces, EVERYTHING. Even now that the youngest is 5 I still try to avoid that!

  7. This is brilliant! My boys are the first didn't taste chocolate until his 1st birthday and was SO unimpressed. My second helped himself to a chocolate snack when he was 6 months old, he'd only been eating solids for 2 weeks....!!! Fab photos.


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