Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blog Camp 2.1 - Reno

For those who don't know yet about Blog Camp I'll start at the beginning.

I found the blog of the lovely julochka back in February while looking through the blogs that the lovely char follows. I always save julochka's posts for last because I ♥ them. Not too long after that she was named Blog of Note and found many new blogs/people to love (and I made my first comment on her page in congrats since I'd been a little shy before then).

So back in early May julochka's husband jokingly suggested that she have a Blog Camp so she could meet the people behind the blogs. It started out as kind of a joke but people started expressing interest. And Blog Camp 1.0 was born (and a Blog Camp blog, of course). The first one occured this last weekend and was a huge success.

I've looked up ticket prices for Reno to Copenhagen in Sept (Blog Camp 2.0) which were a surprisingly low $650 round trip but I sadly don't have the funds right now. So, since I can't afford to go to Blog Camp I thought maybe I could us an idea julochka mentioned about hosting one in the US to coincide with the Denmark Camp. I thought that the local rib cook-off (and craft booths) might be fun for a photo walk.

Since I'm in Reno, NV, and the airline folks make a lot of excursion fares, this means that there will be fairly cheap tickets available to most of our US friends (which is not to say that international folks aren't welcome here - you are! - but I assume that anyone who can get to julochka's, will.). So Labor Day weekend (Sept 4-7) I have room for up to 6 people. There is room at julochka's for up to 4 (though some spots are spoken for). Anyone want to go to camp?


  1. Blog Camp? Sounds like a great idea! Thanks for stopping by~

  2. this is the things about living zillions of miles away from ANYWHERE in the world - be it denmark or the US or UK (where i beleive another blog camp is being held). i miss out on everything :( I've enjoyed reading about julie's blog camp and wished that i lived somewhere closer (with cheaper airfares to rest of the world!) so i could actually think about going. have fun organising the camp!

  3. Blog camp USA, R U for real... I'm checking out air fare baby. I don't have a Nikon is that OK?

  4. I'm there so count me in :) already got the blog camp logo on my page...

  5. Kamana ~ The blogosphere makes we want (more) to win the lottery so I can jet around the world seeing all of the places and meeting everyone.

    McGillicutty ~ Most definately for real and I'd love to meet you in person. I don't have a Nikon either, but I really REALLY want one. The sad, sad truth? I still only have my point and shoot, but I try hard with it. I'm hoping by Christmas (or for it) to get a Nikon...

    rxBambi ~ Yeah!

  6. i'm way behind on reading blogs...but so glad you posted on this..i suggest you create a "sister blog" to the BC blog and we'll link to it and promote it on the BC blog. :-) cool!!


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