Monday, June 8, 2009

Oh, yeah... THAT'S why

I moved to this desert a little over 6 years ago. I moved from a place that was lush, green, and pretty. And that's why I moved. That particular kind of green and pretty only comes from a fair constant deluge of rain and clouds. I moved houses this weekend during the tail-end of 8 straight days of rain. This was such a rare occurence here that the media was talking about the records (This storm was the most water from one storm ever recorded. The longest ever continuous stretch of rain was 11 days in 1911. There was a storm for 10 days in around 1980). The first couple of days I thought "this is so nice" (it had already been raining off and on, and therefore not part of the continuous days count, for about a week) and I got out to take pictures of rain drops on plants. But now, well, a couple weeks of rain and this morning I woke up and was so happy to see that pretty blue sky I could have cried. I love my desert!


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