Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ow! My butt!

I've spent the weekend in Oregon getting my dose of sister time. This weekend in particular was Little-Little's 29th birthday (remember, the one I swallowed pennies with? She's the hottie all the way on the right side of the picture) so Sunday was mostly all about her. We went roller skating and to bingo and then we talked her into seeing the new Star Trek movie.

Let me just say that the last time I went roller skating was this same sister's 10th or 11th birthday. So, no, I'm not good at it. In fact, ouch! I have muscles hurting that I didn't know I had but do you know what's even worse? Where it hurts. My butt from falling and my upper arms from windmilling while trying not to fall. Ah well... still fun.

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping at the Saturday Market and walking in the park and sitting around the counter in the kitchen talking. Now I'm home and I can't wait for them to come visit in July!


  1. The fountain makes the market look flooded.

  2. wow - what great pictures...and I'm so glad you had a great time. time with my sister is always wonderful.


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