Friday, May 1, 2009

Are you rich? Maybe you don't know it yet!

So there was a story on msnbc about how unclaimed money gets sent to the state and each of the 50 states maintains a database of who money is owed to. They also have a link to each of the state websites in the story.

Anyway, I'm home sick today and have nothing better to do so I searched for my name and, not finding anything, searched for my parents too. And what do you know, they're in there! Yeah, it's probably worth very little but how cool to be finding your own forgotten treasure? I'm curious to know what they "lost and found".

Want to look for yourself?


  1. I tried this and it says my husband has unclaimed money. We'll see. I filed a claim. He's afraid it's a trick to arrest you; D

  2. so fun finding that - hope you feel better soon.


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