Saturday, May 23, 2009

A discovery

Have you ever lived in a place for a long time and found out there was something really cool there that you didn't even know about? I have lived in Reno for more than 6 years now. This morning I went to the Galena State Park (about 15 minutes from home) and was blown away. I live in a desert, so basically in sage brush and dirt. And yet just a few miles from my home here is a pine forest with streams and a pond and hiking trails that is absolutely beautiful! It felt more like I was back in Bend, Oregon. I can already tell I will be spending a lot more time in this forest over the summer.

After hiking around in Galena we drove up to Lake Tahoe and wandered around there for a while (and got coffee!). I can't believe there's still a little snow up there. I would have thought it would have melted by now. Anyway, all of the pictures below are from Galena expect the lake (of course).


  1. I lived in an apartment for two years without realising that the cafe right next door did the BEST breakfasts ever. I realised it the day we were moving out :) I did return to that cafe for breakfast several times afterwards though :)

  2. wow what a beautiful find - I would be back often.

  3. How fantastic... I love places like that and how awesome to be so close to Lake Tahoe... My hubby has promised me he will take me there one day.

    Thanks for unpremeditatedly stopping by my blog, come back soon ya hear!!! Ali.
    hahaha I'm getting a red line under THAT word!!


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