Monday, May 25, 2009

Jerry from Peru

In high school I worked with a man from Peru. Jerry waited tables in the restaraunt where I was a busser. As a very headstrong female I often butted heads with Jerry (who felt it was my place to be docile and quiet) but despite this we still worked together very well. He called me Sarita (little Sara, he said). Because I did mostly like him I shall not repeat the things, other than Jerry, that I called him.

Sometime during the year and a half that we worked together he gave me this necklace. He said that he had made it and that the beads it was made with and it's design were supposed to ward off bad dreams. I'm not sure that any of it was true but I always loved the idea and it has hung from my headboards and the lamps on my nightstands ever since. And, mostly, I don't have bad dreams.


  1. beautiful beads - very unusual.

  2. that's cool. i love talismens like that. i'm currently carrying a rock around in my purse that i feel wards off evil. no evil since i started, unless you count airport security doing an extra search of my bag.

  3. What a wonderful, caring thing for him to do. I imagine every time you see those beads, you think of Jerry and smile a little bit.

    Visiting from SS.


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