Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm moving

I've been hesitant to say the words "I'm moving" just yet for fear it would change (I think I specialize in complicated lately) but I'm feeling more confident about it today. Hopefully, Loki will let this one slide.

This is going to be my kitchen. I painted it brown once upon a time but I think something new is in order. We're considering a buttery yellow where it's currently brown and a green for the areas that are white (both in the kitchen and into the family room behind). It would be something like the last image below (courtesy of the Sherwin Williams visualizer) What'dya think? Any suggestions?

This is the family room that would be green:



  1. I like the colors. I like the rooms.

  2. love those restful colors - I think it will be great

    congrats on the move

  3. looks very airy.

  4. I think the colors look great!

  5. i'm always in favor of color. :-)

    be careful on the green, it can quickly be a depressing hospital color. be totally sure it's the right shade. :-) i like to go thru 7-8 samples before settling on a color. one time, it was even up to 15. but that was the yellow in our kitchen. it had to be just right. :-)

  6. I love the colors, too. I am getting ready to paint one wall in our house that is kind of an apple green and it opens into our yellow kitchen. What a coincidence!

  7. Have to butt in here and tell you my hubby is a Valspar rep so please leave the SW on the shelf!!! thanks!!! :o)


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