Thursday, May 21, 2009


So here are my views on the subject and I'd love to hear yours.

I'm thrilled every time I see a new follower. I get a little feeling like a "gee, someone actually likes my blog?" feeling which I think is pretty cool. So for those of you who have shared that thrill with me, Thank you! You made my day.

I've heard a couple people say they were a little sad when someone stopped following their blog. I think it's inevitable that this happens since some people will be offended one way or another and some people just lose interest. Or maybe they started following and then realized the blog wasn't quite what they were looking for. So to not give that feeling to anyone, I always start off following a blog anonymously for the first 2 weeks to a month. Once I've been reading the blog for a while, I'll make it public. Or, if I decide I don't like it, I can stop following and no harm done since they never knew I was there anyway.

What do you think about it? Do you have any self imposed rules for how you follow blogs? And do you get that same thrill from someone following your blog? Or do you even notice who's following you?


  1. I'm always thrilled when someone follows but if they leave, I understand as I've done that before if it begins to bore me or I never fully engaged. I have over 100 followers but only about 20% comment and even then, not every day.

  2. I don't pay too much notice to who's following. To me, it's the dialogue that gets going in the Comments that means more. A wonderful exchange of ideas often takes hold, and it's a lot of fun to consider others' thoughts. Clicked over from Char's blog, enjoyed browsing here!

  3. I do, I do, but if we each follow each other we could go round in circles. Great blog, by the way.

  4. To me a comment on my blog is like waking up to a hot cup of coffee on my nightstand. It gives me a thrill. :)

    I have stopped following some blogs, and I hope they do not take it personally. I feel the blog world is a fluid one.

  5. shhhhh.... I don't really pay any attention to the followers....BUT and a big BUT.....I do love the comments...

  6. i'm trying very hard not to care about the followers and whether they go away or not. and they do go away. but others come, so it evens out.

    it's interesting when i look at it, i realize that i probably care far too much. i blame it on growing up in a small town and wanting too much to be liked. i always wonder which bit it was that i wrote that made them stop following. but i wonder equally as much what made them start--especially the people who don't comment. and there are many.

    as for my following habits...i don't have an real rules about it, but i do tend to go and read a few times before following, just so i don't accidentally following someone who is (also) trying to start a cult (which might interfere with the cult i'm trying to start.) basically, i'd say i don't follow lightly. tho' it's gotten these days to a point where i'm really only reading the blogs i'm following b/c i don't have time to read all of those that i just have favorited in my firefox. :-)

    sorry for leaving a blog post-sized comment. :-) but i'm catching up!


  7. i am stoked when i get new followers. inevitably some drop off, but whaddya gonna do. it is hard for me to gauge how many followers really LIKE my blog, and how many just follow in the hopes that i will follow them. it messes with the head, for sure. but here we are, and it will all be ok!


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