Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Well THAT'S new!

So my evening after work started out simply enough. I left work around 6 and Boyfriend and I had no real plans so we drove down a couple of roads we hadn't been down just to see where they go.

We saw this new subdivision of $600K+ homes that we're going to crash at lunch time tomorrow because they just looked too cool and unique to not look at the model homes. Not like we could afford them but it's still fun just to check them out and see the ridiculous kitchens and baths. I can't wait!

Then we decided a simple dinner sounded good and we headed down to Bully's Sports Bar. It's always nice and how do you go wrong with drinks and burgers? And hey, since we were right next to RC Willey and talking about houses, why not go window shopping through the furniture? Maybe we'd get some ideas and at the very least I'd get a better idea of his tastes.

As we walked inside the greeter told us that tonight they were having a customer appreciation night and there was pie, ice cream, and a raffle at 8pm. Sounds like fun! So, being about 7:30 we wandered for 20 minutes or so and made our way to the back room where we entered ourselves in the drawing. What fun! Boyfriend won a remote control Hummer (his 2 yr old is going to LOVE that if he can get it away from daddy). I won a set of Ginsu knives and since my current set of knives were 2/$1 at the dollar store and break easily (what do you expect for $0.50 knives) I'm of course thrilled! Oh, yeah and PIE! As in, one per family, take the whole thing. How great is this night?


  1. what a fabulous night!!!! i wish i had done that!!!!

  2. that sounds like a fantastic night!


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