Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So the gist of my morning conversation is this:

ME: What's up, Joe? You seem to be having a down morning.

JOE: Ugh. (covers face with stuffed animal and crossed arms)

ME: If you don't tell me I can't help. What's up?

JOE: (After a pause) My candy at daddy's house is going to go bad.

ME: You're easter candy? Honey, candy doesn't go bad.

JOE: Yes it does! It's like cake.

ME: Joe, no. It... Ok, would you like to call daddy tonight and have him bring your candy over?

JOE: Yeah!

ME: Ok, now can we go to school?


  1. boy it is nice to see how easy it is to solve the problems of kids! yay, and kudos to you for being so great at it. :)


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