Sunday, April 5, 2009

Living alone

Sometimes being all by oneself in a house can be nice. You can eat whatever food you want, watch any shows you like, work on crafts, read your book quietly. Yet sometimes, it's not so nice.

I have lived in this house since last July. About once a month someone rings my bell or knocks on the door after dark (after 8pm, even as late as 1am). When I look out the window no one is there. I'm pretty sure it's just some neighborhood kids (I live in a very quiet, almost Stepford, kind of area) and if I knew that was true I'd be okay with that. But the fact is that it creeps me out. I'm just sayin'.


  1. Start by putting up a motion sensitive light. If it keeps happening get a little camera to film who's there.

  2. it would totally creep me out too....

  3. i think you need to get a big dog. or maybe someday have the boyfriend move in with you? i live with my bf, but he works nights. so i keep billy clubs around the house and it makes me feel a LITTLE bit better knowing they are there.


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