Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gotta have that gumball

These geese were in front of the mall today. I walked out the front door and there they were. What a great surprise!

Today was my 2 year anniversary at work. How fitting, then, that I took a personal day and wasn't there. Ha. I've been pretty stressed the last couple weeks and I figured a little decompression would be good.

I started my day off at the mall. I got a few things but the highlight, I thought, was a woman who was several months pregnant and asking everyone if they had change for a dollar. I didn't have enough to make a dollar but I had a quarter, which is what she wanted. She was trying to buy a gumball. She was craving one so badly that she tried to give me her whole dollar for the quarter. I have to admit that I never really had cravings while pregnant. I said I had cravings for hot fudge sundaes but in truth I just wanted them. I hope the gumball was as good as she wanted it to be.

After that I went out to the California state line (about 15 minutes away) and bought lottery tickets. My mother used to say that you may never win the lottery but if you play you can afford bigger dreams (currently $107 million big). I like the theory of a man who won $250,000 last week. He said that he had bought two tickets. One for losing, and one for winning. So I bought two tickets myself.

While I was out there a woman was setting up a prank on her husband. She was going to fake him out that she had won $100,000. (She figured that if she tried to make him believe a million it wouldn't work.) This was in revenge for a prank he played on April fools day that, personally, I don't think was funny. He is in law enforcement and he had a fellow officer come to the house and tell her that there had been an accident and he died. They took her down to identify the body and when she got there he was fine and laughing. Did I mention she's pregnant? What if she had miscarried or something? I can't imagine how to find the humor in that one. Has anyone ever played a joke on you that you didn't find funny?

I finished off the early afternoon with another first. I sat with my book (still on Moby Dick) in a coffee shop and read. Sounds fairly common but surprisingly I have never done this. I also got to work on a few projects today and I'll post pictures as I get those wrapped up. I hope your days were as lovely as mine.


  1. Your day sounds wonderful. Nice on the pregnant lady good deed. The April Fool's joke was not funny, at all. I like the two lottery views. I am adopting them.

  2. love that you read at the coffee shop - I haven't done that in a while. I need to do it again.

    that joke is horrible - my brother is a police officer and I would just freak out.

  3. cute picture of the geese! and wow! that is a horrible april fool's joke. i think i might be needing a personal day soon (even though i just got back from spring break...) but yours sounded wonderful!


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