Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My little entertainers

So I'm sitting at my computer and I turn to look at two of my kids playing next to my chair. Every stuffed animal they have is on the floor beside me. I ask what they're doing and they told me they're pretending they're in Las Vegas. Trying to suppress a smile I ask why Vegas?

Glenn: "Well, we work there."

Me: "Oh really? What do you do?"

Glenn: "We work there. Her name is Sparkle. And I'm Diamond."

Me: "I see. And what are the animals for?"

Glenn: "Oh, well the bears dance with us."

She's Sparkle and he's Diamond and they work in Las Vegas... Who teaches them this stuff?!


  1. What are they watching on the neighbor's TV?

    ; D

  2. Bwahahaha! That is hilarious! And I often wonder where on earth my kids come up with things!


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