Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Starts

This is my mother many moons ago. Isn't she pretty? I plan to have this printed out and put up on my wall.

I'm ready for spring! The winter felt like it came early last year and has just lasted for so long. We just had snow on Sunday (little flurries) but the nice warm weather keeps peeking back in again. The spring is winning.

A new spring, and I feel like I'm ready for fresh starts. Many people have the need to make New Year's resolutions but I feel like spring is really the perfect time for it. Everything is fresh and washed clean in the rain. The new flowers are starting to bloom, grass is poking up. It's like Gaia is making resolutions each spring to beautify the world and begin again. Why not join her?

Since this isn't New Year I think I shouldn't call them resolutions, though. More like my 'Spring Starts'. I'm going to finish my 30 new things (I have one to post later tonight). I'm going to lose at least 20 pounds by years end (with this beautiful weather I have no excuse not to go walking/hiking). I'm going to clean up my garage this month. And I'm going to learn to effectively use Photoshop because I am in awe of so many beautiful pictures out there and I want to learn how they did some of that. Have any 'Spring Starts' of your own?


  1. my garden is definitely a spring starts...and there will be others. losing weight is always a good one.

  2. Spring start: bike riding. I'm waiting for better weather to get bike riding again and start bike commuting to work.

    And wow, does that picture of your mother look like you. If I look at it longer, I start to see your mom, but just a quick look, looks very much like you.


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