Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Allergic to School

So, my middle child is apparently allergic to school. He's 6 and in kindergarten. Yesterday around 11 he broke out with what appears to be hives. They took him to the office and it went away so they sent him back to class. I got a call at 1 that it was back but by the time his dad got to school it was mostly gone. He had one more round right before dad picked him up from school. By the time I picked him up from his dad's house it was mostly gone and it didn't come back again last night. This morning we were at the school for no more than 10 minutes and he broke out again. This time it was a rash and hives on his arms and legs and a little on his chest (more than yesterday). He's been at this school since he was 4 and nothing environmental has changed... At least it's just a skin reaction and not a respiratory one.

The doctor said we may never know what exactly it is but he decided to run some blood tests just to rule a couple things out. Hopefully we'll know about that in a couple of hours. In the meantime my half-pint is home for today for observation. I'll have to see if he breaks out again when we pick his sister up this afternoon.

I took my kiddo to have blood drawn today. So, I guess that's another first, though not one I'd want. Wish us luck!

*** Update: The doc said that all tests are normal so most likely his body is fighting off the latest virus going around (he's the only one that hasn't had it) and his body is, of all things, allergic to the virus. This too shall pass. ***

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