Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Big-Little

I'm one of 6 kids. I have a half brother (who's 17 years older than me) and 4 sisters (who are 11, 10 and 7 years older and 1 year younger). My mother often got the names of the girls all mixed up so she'd end up calling you by everyone else's name (and the dog's) before she got to you. So when she was mad at me it sounded something like "Lorie..Heidi..Sharie...Lisa...Nike...Sara!" So to help keep it straight she nicknamed us by age. We were the Big-Big, Little-Big, Middle-Middle, Big-Little, and Little-Little. I, being the older of the two "little" ones, am the Big-Little. For brevity we are also called BB, LB, MM, BL, and LL. Mom used to joke that wouldn't it be funny to put our names on t-shirts but my oldest sister, being, um, well endowed, refused to wear a shirt that said Big-Big and my younger sister who was less blessed at the time didn't want to wear a shirt saying anything like Little-Little. I wonder how my shirt would have been interpreted? Hmmm...

I think it's pretty funny that I'm the Big-Little and I live in Reno, the "Biggest Little City". Haha!

Below is what I imagine the shirts would look like. I threw in my Aquarius symbol for fun. Maybe I'll do something like this for Christmas... Want to try your own t-shirt design out? I just did a quick google search for custom shirt and I made this image at the website below.

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  1. This is too funny. I have two cousins, both named Heather Pope(well they were, both married with different names now.) Half sisters who were named before Aunt and Uncle were married. The were always called Big Heather and Little Heather until some time after Big Heather being well endowed began to hate being called Big Heather. :)


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