Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another pot of tea

Father: ~ I wish your mother were here, God rest her soul, she'd know what to say.
Daughter: ~ "Put on another pot of tea", that's what she'd say. The Irish answer to all problems.
Father: ~ Well, it worked most of the time.
(From the movie Must Love Dogs)

Oh, those lovely stressful days... Don't you love the days when you wake up and then later think "Why? What DID I do that for?" Okay so maybe it's not that bad but for a little while here it's feeling like it. So my answer is 1)pause for just a moment 2)breathe 3)make some more tea. I'm on my umpteenth cup for the day but it does indeed help. Breathe in the aroma of chamomile and peppermint and relax. The smell of Bigelow Sweet Dreams tea instantly transports me back to evening cups of tea with my mother and calms me instantly... Okay, maybe just ONE more cup.

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  1. I love Bigelow teas! and you're right, mothers always fixed things with hot tea.


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