Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mommy Bag

Today I broke down and bought a mommy purse. I have, up until now, stubbornly resisted buying a large bag because it's just one more place to fill with things I don't need. I've always had very nice, small purses. I've actually been stopped and asked how I could manage to have such a small purse with 3 kids. Twice even. But today I did it. Now I can carry children's medicine with me and won't have to stop at a store when we're out somewhere because I didn't bring any. Now whatever book I'm reading at the time (currently Treasure Island) and my journal can be carried in my purse. And now when I'm short on money I can clean out my purse and discover, like, $30 in change because it's been that long since I cleaned it out, along with 3 half rolls of rolaids and 4006 pens, just like my mom (I love you, Mom!).

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