Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

Sydney begins earth hour. Here's the link to the msnbc story.

And here's a link to the group that started this, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Some of the pictures already coming in are so pretty!

Tonight I will be reading a book by candlelight for the hour. I will turn off my lights and computers and will even avoid using my truck for that space of time.


  1. You will put more C02 into the air from that candle than you will save by turning off the light.

  2. This is precisely why we need nuclear power. Modern reactors, particularly fast breeder reactors, are far more environmentally friendly than diesel or coal power plants. A few large reactors in the middle of Nevada would be sufficient to power a large part of the West Coast.

    I hope the bad rap old reactor designs will eventually fade, since new designs eliminate the threat of radioactive gases escaping if there is ever a problem.

  3. Actually, Dr. John, that's not really true. I'm not turning off *a* light. I'm turning off ALL the lights. And not using my truck. And not using electronics. Yes, the candle emits CO2 but according to the amount emitted by one 40W bulb is around 5 candles. So all of my lights compared to a single candle is an improvement.

    In particular, quoting the site above, "Each hour a small candle burns at least 2.5 grams of candlewax (most candles would be worse than this), which contains a little over 2 grams of carbon, producing 7 grams of CO2 emissions"..."the 40W incandescent bulb produces around 40 grams of CO2 emissions each hour"

    7 is definately better than 40 for the single light, not to mention multiple lights. So yes, I'm still emitting CO2 but in a much smaller quantity. And I realize it says that most candles are worse but I really am only using the small candle. A tea light, to be specific.

  4. How about using that wind-up flashlight? Then you only release the CO2 of your breathing. :)


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