Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I need your inspiration

I'm working on trying 30 new things. Thus far, I have made it to number 16. Do you have some ideas for me?

1. Tried asparagus
2. Got an Oscar Mayer wienie whistle
3. Made origami flowers
4. Made a scarf on a loom
5. Ate at Jazmine
6. Had a kitty fixed
7. Read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
8. Had my child's blood drawn
9. Got my first mommy purse
10. Taught my son to make No-Bake cookies
11. Read Treasure Island
12. Read Just So Stories
13. Rode on an indoor Ferris Wheel
14. Wrote a Wordzzle
15. Participated in Earth Hour
16. Read by candlelight


  1. Watch a foreign language film.

  2. I love it Nessa! I suggest watching Kung Fu. :)

    Here are some other ideas I've had:

    Come up with a simple game that teaches the kids something new. I played "guess my number" with Katelyn tonight to teach her which numbers are bigger (or smaller) than other numbers.

    Finish the Kitty Condo.

    Rent a convertible and drive it around Lake Tahoe.

    Hike the Peavine Trail.

    Fly a "stunt kite"; the ones you can control.

    Launch a model rocket.

    Attend Burning Man.

    Build a catapult out of Legos and use it to launch toy mice at the cats.

    Fly one of those little $10 micro helicopters around the office.

    Go on a tour of Moaning Caverns in California (it's a cool place).

    Go on a mine tour in Virginia City.

    Ride a train from Reno to Truckee and back; the mountain views from the train would be spectacular.

  3. Oh - one more. Spend one entire day sleeping like a cat. Perhaps move from spot to spot during the day, but always try to stay as relaxed and lazy as you possibly can. Consider it an experiment into experiencing the life of felines.


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