Saturday, September 5, 2009

Secret 27: Coins are my stones

I collect coins. I have more than 30 countries but I don't know exactly how many. I have them from countries I've been to, places friends have been to, and coins I bought out of the register at work when people accidentally paid with them. They are my stone collection. My oldest coin is from 1822 but it's so worn down I can't be sure what country it's from exactly, though it appears European.

We couldn't get to Denmark Blog Camp so we brought Denmark to us. Though julochka tells me that these coins are worth so little now they won't even open the pay toilets anymore.


  1. i've never seen a 10 øre and the 25øre were just phased out. :-) and yes, sadly, it takes 2 kroner to open the toilets in the center of copenhagen these days. :-) we have quite a coin collection around here too, so it's ok to have both coins & stones. ;-)

  2. If you ever make a list of the counties you have let me know, i may have extras i can send you.


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