Saturday, September 12, 2009

Road trip

This was shot from the car in motion. I took a lot of pictures out the driver window just to see what I might get on accident.

This was also taken from the driver window but I did stop the car to take it at least. This was in an area where there is nothing to stop the cow from walking up onto the road so you have to be careful driving though there (unless you want mass quantities of beef for dinner, I guess).

As I was just getting to the edge of Oregon (about 5 hours into the trip) the sun was setting over the irrigation canals. The next three hours were in the dark but, as the speed limit is lower in Oregon and I drive slower in the dark, this was good because it kept me from getting any tickets!


  1. Just concentrate on the driving will ya!!! I have to say though these are super shots as always, you da bomb!!!

  2. oh my... that last image is amazing...well done Sara.. and out of a moving car too, have fun :)

  3. I'm tellin' ya, "out the window shots" ROCK! I do it all the time and get the most amazing things I ever did see.....

    Hope the trip was uneventful....


  4. I like those too. I especially like the cow. Moo! Maybe the cow was trying to see if I was with you this time.

  5. yes you really have to watch out for those cows. my sister hit one once and it wasn't pretty.

  6. The pics are great. I wish I could've been with Bambi last weekend. Oh well. Anyway, love the blog.

  7. Wow! I adore the first image the most, but all three are so captivating! x


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