Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The paint bug is biting again

During Blog Camp we spent most of our time in the kitchen/dining/family room. Was it because it was convenient to food? There was a dining table to fit all of the laptops? Or because the front living room is, as yet, not very inviting? I'm going to say it was a combination of these things. So, since I'm feeling somewhat energetic, I'm going to begin painting the daunting living room. The two tallest walls are approx. 19 feet high (second picture) so it's guaranteed to be an adventure for Eric and I to tackle.

We've decided this room shall be blue, in two shades as below. Tonight I'm going to start with the walkway upstairs (which I surprisingly have no pictures of) as I also want to create the family picture wall that will go there.

** On a side note: Yes, Ali, I did use the Sherwin Williams color visualizer because it's convenient. It's not that I don't love Valspar, though (I promise), I just don't have a fandeck of their paint chips yet.

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  1. Wow....sounds like a HUGE job...but, I'm sure you'll get it done in no time, Superwoman! (oh, and Eric, too)

    Thinking about you....


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