Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby questions

Son: Mommy? How do babies come out of their mother's tummies?

Mom: Uh... Well... You know how you have a pee hole and a poo hole?

Son: Yeah.

Mom: Ok, well, girls have another one in the middle where the babies come out.

Son: (Pointing at himself) In the middle!?!

Mom: Yeah. But just girls, not boys.

Son: Oh! Whew! I'm glad, 'cause that'd be gross!

Mom: So what made you think of that question?

Son: Well, I just want another person to play with. Mom, how did you get us?

Mom: How did I get you? Your dad and I made you.

Son: You made us? How did you make us?

Mom: Oh, darn, the first bell just rang for school. You have to hustle and get in line. Love you! Bye!

Hmmm... I think I've got some explaining to do...


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