Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Upcycle: Curtain Hooks to Magazine Rack

Day 11/31:

I'm a romantic. I'm so romantic that for my 1st anniversary I made my husband something that goes in the bathroom... To be fair it was because all of the reading material in there is his and I knew how much he hated having it on the floor. Picking something he would want and would use everyday seems like the good way to go. And, he likes it so that's good.

This was our magazine situation before

See? We couldn't even open the door fully. Boo.

Out in the garage I found all this junk and decided to give it a new purpose. 3 curtain hooks that don't match anything else in our home and scrap wood left over from other projects around the house.

It needed a couple quick cuts on the saw, a little pre-drilling, and a handful of screws.

A little sanding on all the edges and 3 coats of spray paint were next.

After it dried overnight I hung it on the wall. Always make sure at least one of the screws hits a stud, two if possible. In this case I just screwed directly through the back since the magazines will cover the screws up anyway.

Does anyone else find it odd that Martha Stewart baked a Wii cake? Since she doesn't own a microwave I'm guessing she also doesn't own a Wii so it seems out of place somehow. Am I crazy (about this)?


  1. This is sooo cool! I don't think I would have "seen" the hooks like that... genius. and yes Martha is weird.

  2. I LOVE this! So pretty and unique! Excellent use of curtain hooks.

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