Monday, October 17, 2011

Kids Rooms: Fairies

Day 17/31:

Each of the kids has gotten to pick the general theme of their rooms. K wanted fairies and butterflies and I made the fairies little, as I imagined a fairy should be. See the first one to the right of the closet?

I added three Disney fairies to the room, each on a different wall. They were projected onto the wall with a craft projector using a free coloring sheet I downloaded online. Each one was traced onto the wall with pencil, filled in, and then outlined in permanent marker. The wings were done with a glitter craft paint (and I didn't trace that part with marker but just left the pencil) and the translucent effect came out just the way I'd hoped for.

Of course fairies have to have a fairy castle, too. Like I did for the fairies I used a craft projecter to get a graphic onto the wall and then filled it in with paint.

Now as her friends come over they can hunt for the hidden fairies that were sprinkled about and it adds a little extra fun.

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