Thursday, October 20, 2011

A New World (Map)

Day 20/31:

I have a small globe collection and I've wanted a world map to go on the wall behind them. I ordered it 6 months ago (this one), bought the wood for the trim and then left it in the closet for forever a while. But today I finally did it!

I used 4 1x3 boards with brackets screwed into the back to tie them together (just simple corner braces) and I used packing tape to actually secure the map to the boards. I bought the map pre-laminated so I wouldn't have to worry about small child fingerprints and so the tape wouldn't damage the map if I ever take it off.

I love the new view from the entry way. Everything is starting to look like it kind of belongs together instead of just all getting tossed in. Even better, it has already been useful a few times for the kids' geography homework. I also have a map like this of the United States to hang on the other wall in this room but for today I will have to be happy with just getting one out of the closet.

Did you notice what looks like a random chicken photo in there? It's actually the continents of the world rearranged into a chicken (found here via The Bloggess) that I thought was really funny, if a bit tacky, and had to add to my map collection. On a side note, do you follow the Bloggess and have you read her big metal chicken story? When I read that, I admit, I laughed so hard I snorted (there is some minor language so don't say I didn't warn you, k?).

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  1. I LOVE this. I am reading through a ton of your blogs (I found through Pinterest), and I feel compelled to tell you that you are amazing. I have a slight map obsession, so I love this. Your house looks gorgeous by the way, I love the colors. I love the holiday decorations. I believe we would make wonderful friends. =) Hee, hee. I will definitely continue reading your blog.


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