Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hot Glue Faux Candles

Day 19/31:

I found an awesome tutorial for faux candles (via Pinterest) and thought it would be a good addition to both the Halloween and the Christmas decor depending on how it is styled. On page 38 of the tutorial someone posted a chandelier they made and I knew that's what I wanted to attempt.

The hot glue is applied to the PVC pipe. The best advice I can give you here is don't be in a rush. Start with your long layers, let it dry, and then come back to add then next layer and so on. If you do it all at once the glue will run into itself and won't look as much like drips but will be pretty flat.

Everything is spray painted black.

I cut out a piece of MDF and spray painted it with layers of black and gray. It's mostly black but the pictures insist on looking gray, possibly because it was still wet when I took this.

I had a few eye hooks and some leftover chain in the garage for hanging it and I used glue to attach the pipe to the MDF. The cheesecloth got a bit of spray paint and then a little shredding before it was draped over the candles. I'm thinking for Christmas a little holly or something would be pretty in place of the cheesecloth to change the holiday mood.


  1. That came out so great--nice job!

  2. Shut Up!!! again... do i say that on all your projects??? who is doing all your laundry and cleaning and cooking and stuff????????? xxx

  3. so cool witchingly spooky so much fun come see me at I shared lots of great halloween ideas as well

  4. Looove this! Really great idea and perfect for the season!


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