Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloweens Costumes - Kids

Day 7/31:

As part of my Handmade Home series I thought I would show you some of the kids' Halloween costumes from the past. Not all of these are handmade but many of them are so I'll point them out as we go.

Joe as a Cow. This is one of my favorite handmade costumes. Well, technically only partly handmade. I purchased the hat and made the shirt. Anyway, it was a plain white shirt and I used puffy paint on it. Add in the hat and the pants and I made the very first costume for one of my kids.

Joe as a Pumpkin, this one I did not make. Yup, he had two costumes that year. We went to two different parties and this was too cute to pass up using for the home party but the cow costume was good for leaving the house and staying warm (and easily buckling into a car seat).

Erin as a bumblebee (purchased), Joe as Spiderman (purchased), and Glenn as a teddy bear (handmade). Erin was a stinkin' cute bumblebee so I went ahead and bought it and Joe had his heart set on Spiderman so we just went with it. But Glenn didn't have a preference yet and I got to have some fun making that costume.

Ok, one more shot of the Teddy Bear costume just because.

Joe as a lion (purchased). I loved his roar, he was so enthusiastic about it. I giggled my butt off quite a bit that year just watching him.

The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy, the lion, and the tinman costumes (all 3 are handmade). I ran out of time and didn't get the tinman's hat painted but it was still fun as it was. Unfortunately the sun was in their eyes so I had a hard time getting them to look at me.

Here's one more shot from the party where you can see Erin's Dorothy costume a little better.

There were more costumes of course but I don't have photographs of them all (whoops!). All of the others were store bought except the year that they all 3 went as pirates. The pirate pictures I'll keep looking for as I'm sure I have them somewhere...

Anyway, come back tomorrow and I'll have two of my adult costumes to show you!

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  1. Looking at these kids Halloween costumes made me feel like a kid again. They're just too adorable in these pictures!


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