Monday, September 26, 2011

Teal and Zebra Chairs

I knew that my living room needed a couple more chairs and when I saw these unloved and filthy little things at the thrift store I knew they would be perfect to fill the space. Then they sat there for a month as I tried to figure out what color to paint them and what fabric to put on the seats. One of the guys at work said I should use a cow patterned fabric like they have on the seats at the corner bar and that jump started my imagination nicely. Sadly there was no cow fabric to be found, though I did find some fun zebra and I like how it worked out. Pulling the seats and backs off of the frames and recovering them was pretty simple but my staple gun has recently turned into an automatic and made that part of the project a little dangerous and living-on-the-wild-side kind of scary.

Husband suggested painting the frames teal to match the DVD shelf in the room and I certainly won't turn him down when he comes up with bright color choices (yay!). So we jumped in to our newly organized garage and got to sanding/painting.

With the color being so bright I think I need to tie it into the rest of that wall a little more so I have some ideas for the storage bins in the IKEA cubbies in order to bring it together a bit.

Now instead of ugly and filthy the chairs are bright and a little fun. My daughter actually squealed when she saw them. I would call that a good endorsement. What that also tells me is that if it becomes too bright for me I know what other room they would have a good home in. :)


  1. Love these bold color choices! So cool. Thanks so much for stopping by & leaving a sweet comment on my blog, BTW.

    Warmly, Michelle

  2. Wow, amazing re-do! Hope you can link this up at my Homemaking Party :).

  3. I love this!!


  4. Wow! Awesome job! My daughter loves zebra print and would love those in her room. Teal is the perfect color to go with that print.


  5. I am so inspired by this - we're going to redo our Ikea chair in our daughter's room and I SO want to do teal.


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