Friday, September 30, 2011

31 Days of a Handmade Home

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Week 1:

01 - Destinations Sign
02 - A Morning Without Coffee Sign
03 - Butterfly Mobile
04 - Adhesive Felt Pumpkins
05 - Snakes on a Wreath
06 - Coin Art
07 - Halloween Costumes - Kids

Week 2:

08 - Halloween Costumes - Adults
09 - Alis Volat Propriis Sign
10 - Wax paper Stained Glass
11 - Upcycle: Curtain Hooks to Magazine Rack
12 - The Best Laid Plans
13 - Upcycle: Torn Jeans to Girl's Dress
14 - Upcycle: Stained Dress to Skirt

Week 3:

15 - Curtains, Fort, and Monkey Bars
16 - Chandelier Redo
17 - Fairy Bedroom
18 - Halloween Costumes - Kid's Viking
19 - Hot Glue Faux Candles
20 - A New World (Map)
21 - Give Thanks Ornament

22 - Fish Tank: Primered
23 - Tissue Paper Stained Glass
24 - A New Light
25 - Fish Tank: Painted
26 - Pantry Can Rack
27 - Cupcakes and a Fail
28 - Halloween Costumes: Zombie

29 - Be a Fruit Loop
30 - Halloween Costumes: Alice in Wonderland
31 - Double String Beaded Necklace

Have you heard about the 31 Days? It's being hosted by The Nester (though I heard about it from The Inspired Room). The idea is very simple, you just blog about something for 31 days in a row, or all of October. If you've ever done a photo 365 or something similar I'm sure you know this can be a challenge to keep on top of but that it's also a great motivator.

SO, I've decided to do it! I'm a little nervous (ok, a lot nervous) but it's going to be fun. So what am I blogging about for 31 days? A Handmade Home. It's what I do anyway but the challenge is going to be 31 days. In a row. No gaps. So Exciting!

I hope you'll join me and come back to see what we're up to because it's going to be fun (and any encouragement will be appreciated!). I have a list of 50-60 items I can use, some big some small. Why 50-60 for 31 days? Because some days I'm going to be working on the big stuff that takes multiple days and I'll need smaller things that are easy and I can still get done. And also because I don't know what my life will be busy with on any particular day and this will give me a ton of flexibility since I can pick from a large list. 'Cause let's face it, life with a husband, 5 kids, 7 pets and just life requires flexibility.

And just a reminder since there are several new readers, Turning Stones is also on Facebook if you'd like to follow along there at all.


  1. I have dreams of having lovely homemade items in my home but I have yet to sit and make anything. I can't wait to see what you do. I am looking forward to the inspiration!


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