Friday, September 23, 2011

How To: Fall Wreath

I made a couple wreaths for Fall/Halloween this year. I decided to do a fall/not-holiday-specific mantle and make a Halloween wreath for the front door. Since the fireplace decorations aren't holiday themed they can stay up till I break out the Christmas stuff later in the year and I won't have to fuss with changes.

One grapevine wreath and a few dollar store picks like the one pictured below and I got started on the first wreath.

I pulled all of the leaves off the picks and started fitting them into the wreath. I DID NOT use any glue or adhesive for this. Since the wreath is made of vine there are a million little places to tuck in stems that they'll stay put and if I reuse the wreath for something else later I didn't want it all gummed up.

Here's a closeup of a way to tuck the leaves into the wreath if you want to avoid adhesives.

I have the harvest sign from last year and I thought it might be cute in the middle. Clear string would have been preferable but I used what was available and tried to keep any yarn colors in fall hues. The pumpkins and gourds are also dollar store additions. To attach them without glue I stuck them in the back with unfolded paper clips, stuck the paper clips into the wreath, and folded the back of the clips behind the wreath to make them stay.

Other things to make up the mantle:
Erin made the sunflowers from construction paper
The lanterns are from IKEA
The mice are Charming Tails (circa 2001 ish?)
The tree is made from a branch I found while hiking and repurposed from this project
And the In This House sign was a project here

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  1. this is gorgeous! might have to go to the pound shop in search of something like this :)

    and i love your mantle - we don't have a fireplace but we have lots of shelves and this totally looks like something i could create on one of them!

    thanks for sharing :)

    Jenni xx

    (i also need to stop seeing that certain beautiful items are from Ikea.. when I go there I am going to go bankrupt!)

  2. Love your mantel! The twiggy tree is so cool, and that wood plaque is awesome. Visiting from Layla's Fall Mantel party. Hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

  3. Love the house sign! YOu did a great job :) Visiting from Lettered Cottage


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