Sunday, January 17, 2010


We spent a few lovely hours at the park today before the new storms start rolling in.

There was a little hide and seek:

I see you!

Think she'll find daddy?

And then some hot chocolate to warm back up again.

What are you up to today? I hope you're enjoying your weekends!


  1. beautiful reminders of a good day

  2. Lovely pics of a happy weekend. It doesn't look that cold though! How warm/ cold is it? If only the winters were the same over here...
    Our weekend started very rainy and boring then the sun came out today and we went for a bike ride. :))

  3. How fun. It's been a dreary day here. I'm glad you had some sunshine!

  4. It got up to about 50. It's been a lot colder lately and starting tomorrow it's supposed to go right back to rain and snow. So we grabbed the chance to get the sun while we can.

    ju ~ a bike ride would be so nice! Especially during those rare sunny moments.

  5. Great pix! I love the one of the little guy hiding behind the bars. Well, and of Eric's starbux :)


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