Friday, January 1, 2010


We brought in the new year downtown. It's the first time I've gone downtown for this in the 7 years I've lived here. And mostly what I can say about that is "wow". It's pretty cool to be among that many people as the last seconds of the decade are counted off.

Today I am also kicking off my very first 365. I've joined up with two groups for this here and here. Since I have a new camera I need to learn its ins and outs so that I may live up to the potential. Wish me luck! Unfortunately, I didn't take the shiny camera downtown knowing that it would be somewhat of a body press so I'm starting off the 365 with my Canon P&S.

They shot the fireworks from 3 different casinos this year (these are off the top of Harrah's). As we watched the display we had quite a few bats also flying overhead which were, I'm guessing, a little flabbergasted as to what was going on.

This is what downtown looked like, in every direction, about 10 minutes to midnight and it just kept getting more packed. Very cool.


  1. what a great celebration....
    happy new year !!!

  2. Wow, that looks fun! I love how you captured the blue moon and the fireworks together.

  3. Those pix are great! I love the Reno thing. Barb wanted to get a photo of it, but I don't think she ever did. I'll tell her to stop by and steal yours ;)

    Happy new year! xox

  4. looks like great fun!!! great fireworks shots

  5. you took great firework shots with your p&s! congratulations on the nikon :-)

  6. I have a picture of the Reno sign with the kids in front of it, but it's a couple of years old. Mom and Tricia stayed up for the fireworks but went to bed right after. Mom has a great view of downtown from her house.
    Happy New Year. And I was sad Sue and Gretchen stopped by your house without me. Total fail on their part!

  7. I think those are the only two fireworks shots that turned out. When shooting fireworks I go for the guess and shoot style.

    Barb, you will have to let me know when you're coming again and we'll go get coffee. That'll show her. :P


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